Some facts about EPS foam packaging:

It is still considered the gold standard for pharmaceutical and life science products such as vaccines, biological drugs, and insulin products.

EPS advantages include:

  1. Excellent thermal and cushioning to maintain the quality of temperature sensitive products
  2. Lightweight which reduces your transportation costs
  3. Durable – Moisture does not weaken EPS
  4. Highly customizable and ability to produce sizes, strengths and shapes according to customer specifications

Today whether you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer, distributor, third party logistics provider, or pharmacy, EPS foam packaging protects your products so that you don’t experience the following key risks:

  1. Spoilage or damage to you products during transport or storage (A 2℃ temperature variation can spoil the entire product lot)
  2. Delays in your customers receiving your products
  3. Spoilage, damage, or delays will ultimately create increased product testing, eroding your margins, jeopardizing the trusted quality of your products and brand reputation and most importantly put your patients safety at risk

Put your trust in PharmaPax to uphold your patients safety, trusted products and brand.

Put your trust in PharmaPax to uphold your patients safety, trusted products and brand. Looking for custom quote for your shipments.